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Web Hosting Explained

I have had good and bad webhosts, and these guys are great...  Generally, basic web hosting costs are made up of 3 things

1. The domain name : www.yourname.com

When you pick a name for your website... it is registered to you and no one else but in essence, you "rent" the name annually - these fees vary from 5-10 dollars per year.

2. The web host (aka. server)

When you choose a host ( or server ) you are paying a monthly fee for the service.They keep your files and show them on the web. The services have monthly fees that varybased on the size of your website and the services that you want. A basic website is $4.00 per month.

3. The fees to transfer an existing service (only if needed)

If you have an existing name/account and you want to transfer the name to another host, there is usually a one time fee for this - around 5-20 dollars. I will facilitate this process.